THC is a well studied cannabinoid, the most known substance responsible in cannabis for its psychotropic effects. THC creates temporary links with cannabinoid receptors CB2, CB1, which are in the immune system and central nervous system, respectively. Thus, the percentage of THC in cannabis will be the determinant of marijuana exposure, which increases in proportion to the content. There are special low THC strains.

Some effects of THC use:

  • euphoria and relaxation (maximum relaxation state);
  • a sense of acute vision, sense of smell and hearing;
  • a change in perception of time and space;
  • a fairly strong painkiller;
  • tangible improvement in appetite;
  • elimination of nausea.

What is THC

To understand what THC is, you have to understand how this psychoactive component of marijuana is formed. It’s formed exclusively in the green parts of cannabis. The seed, whole or sprouted, which is underground, has no tetrahydrocannabinol in it. Photosynthesis already occurs in sprouts that have already broken through from under the ground, under the influence of sunlight. One part of the solar energy is accumulated in the stalks and leaves of hemp, then there is the release of the component under consideration. It should be understood that such formation of THC in the cannabis comes from a harmless and even in many ways useful to the general condition of the body acid. It has no effect on the human psyche.

In the leaves and flowers of cannabis concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol is high, because the carbon dioxide from them is removed. In the roots and stems a little CO2 remains, so the main cannabinoid contained in extremely small amounts.

The percentage of THC in marijuana

How do you understand the instructions of the CBD 0.5%, THC 18.2% of seedbank? These data are the ratio of cannabinoid as a percentage, but not its mass in the ready-to-use raw material. This means that of all the cannabinoid constituents, contains THC cannabinol 0.1% and CDB 0.5%. In practice, this translates into different effects on buds harvested from different bushes with the same THC content in marijuana, so that the amount of THC in a particular plant must be clearly understood.

THC content in marijuana

According to the level of tetrahydrocannabinol in the hemp, the strength of the effect at consumption is determined. Most of all THC is concentrated in the inflorescences, cones, but in cannabis seeds this component is not contained at all. Each year, producers try to breed stronger, more powerful varieties. 

Factors affecting the level of THC, the capacity of the product:

  • the genetics of the selected variety – buy varieties with the specified maximum cannabis content;
  • quality of source material, i.e. seeds – select seeds from proven seedbanks and from reliable sellers, such as Herbies;
  • harvest time – when harvesting inflorescences early, there is a high risk of not revealing the potential of the bush; late harvest threatens to reduce the strength, brightness of THC. Grass should be harvested when trichomes are milky white, some of which may be red;
  • bush brightness – powerful cannabis with as much THC as possible can only be grown with sufficient light and the right spectrum of light;
  • Growing conditions – THC levels are very influenced by the degree of watering, correct and timely fertilisation, healthy roots, moisture, etc.;
  • resin production – intensive lighting, a clear observance of temperature and humidity in the grow box or room, good ventilation contributes to increased resin production from the plant, and thus increase the THC concentration.

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