When leaders set up startups they want them to grow and become a reliable and successful business/brand as soon as possible. However, numbers are cruel, according to statistical data nearly 90% of startups fail during the first year of their existence. And almost 50% do not make it to the fifth anniversary. What are the reasons? Experts name different reasons: a lack of money, rapid hiring, reckless planning, or betting on the wrong product. One way or another, when you start a new project you should plan carefully and consult specialists in this field. Here we will list the companies that provide startup services for IT businesses, but before we do we’d like to discuss how DevOps methodology can help any organization create and release top-notch products and services as often as possible.

What is DevOps?

‘DevOps’ is an A-list term for those who work in IT and manage IT business. Why is DevOps so popular? Well, let’s think together. Google might give you a lot of definitions of DevOps. You will find out that DevOps is a cultural shift that unites the developers’ team and IT operations team in one workflow. And this is a very good idea, by the way. However, DevOps is mostly about optimization and automation of software development processes to deliver high-performing products as quickly as possible. With DevOps, teams don’t waste their time and energy on toil and focus on more creative work. As a result, team productivity grows as well as customers’ satisfaction level. 

With DevOps methodology growing in popularity, a wide range of IT organizations desires to adopt numerous DevOps solutions to deal with various problems connected with product creation and release processes. These companies often turn to the DevOps bosses – the companies that already successfully practice DevOps methodology and can be of great help in providing consulting and DevOps services. These companies’ professional DevOps teams will provide continuous delivery of products utilizing best DevOps practices, cloud features and effective tools. They will design, implement and manage cost-effective cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of all the workflows.

Top startup service companies 

Switchfast. Switchfast Technologies is a leading IT consulting and Managed Services Provider (MSP) serving America’s successful SMBs since 2001. We help small businesses with everything from remote and onsite IT helpdesk support, 24 x 7 x 365 network monitoring to cybersecurity assessments and cloud migrations. We tailor our solutions to meet your business’s unique needs, goals and expectations.

Contino. Contino is a leading transformation consultancy that helps large, heavily regulated enterprises to become fast, agile and competitive. Their first-class engineers will guide you away from legacy systems to a modern, cloud-native operating model.

IT Svit. is a DevOps company that specializes in the delivery of stable, reliable, and cost-efficient DevOps Services to companies in the USA and throughout the world. IT Svit professionals utilize the best DevOps practices, cloud features, and tools to design, carry out and operate cost-effective cloud infrastructure together with automation of all the cycles.

Final thoughts

The list of great DevOps outsourcing companies that provide startup services can be much longer, of course, but the main point here is that IT leaders when planning on a new project, should choose the right methodology of processes and implement it correctly. 

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