Today the problem of hair loss is extremely acute for both men and women. This problem causes significant psychological discomfort and leads to aesthetic defects, so it requires an immediate solution.

In order to eliminate hair loss, it is necessary to use quality products against hair loss that should be chosen only by a doctor. Since alopecia is indicative of possible diseases, its treatment should be started after consulting a specialist. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of reasons. Among them: 

  1. The natural aging processes of the body; 
  2. Genetic factors; 
  3. Violation of diet, rest and sleep; 
  4. Skin damage that affects the deeper layers of the epidermis; 
  5. Hormonal disorders and lesions of fungal nature; 
  6. Medical treatment, which has been undergone; 
  7. Permanent physical and emotional stress; 
  8. Certain surgical procedures; 
  9. Factors of improper care. 

If it acquires catastrophic proportions, we are talking about pathological hair loss (alopecia), which is treated by a trichologist. In other cases, it is sufficient to consult a beautician. So you can pick up the best drug for hair loss and start treatment.

Types of medicines for hair loss

All drugs of the group under consideration are divided into several categories, depending on the form of release and spectrum of action: 

  • Sprays for external use. Recommended for the treatment of severe hair loss, including in cases of androgenetic alopecia. Regular use of sprays reduces or completely stops hair loss, increases the volume of the hair, and prolongs the active growth phase. At the same time, they restore the natural microcirculation and normalize the nourishment of hair follicles. 
  • Serums for growth. These are indelible cosmetic products that ensure the saturation of the bulbs throughout the day. They are made with plant growth stimulants and provide an influx of nutrients to the follicles. The main effects of serums are reduction or cessation of intensive hair loss, activation of growth, strengthening and strengthening of the bulbs, increase in density. 
  • Vitamin and mineral complexes. The complete and balanced composition of such means against hair loss provides the normal vital activity of the curls, restoring the scalp and returning the hair to a natural shine and healthy appearance. Additionally, there is a protective and antioxidant effect.  These preparations also reduce intense hair loss and take part in the cell regeneration process. 

It is clinically proven that the use of these products can also significantly reduce breakage and loss, making the curls healthier and stronger. However, you should buy them only in the drugstore chain to be sure of the authenticity and safety of the preparations, as well as the absence of allergic reactions, which often occur when using uncertified products. 

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